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Architectural Design For Palace at Adiss Ababa

Project Brief

Unispace Interior was tasked with designing the architectural and exterior elements of a palace in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The client's brief was to create a grand and impressive structure that reflected the country's rich cultural heritage while incorporating modern amenities and design elements.

Schematic Design

During the schematic design phase, our team worked closely with the client to develop a concept that met their requirements. We explored different design styles and materials that would give the palace a grand and impressive appearance.

Our team also paid special attention to the layout of the site to ensure that the building would blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.

The Solution

The final design solution was a grand palace that featured a blend of traditional Ethiopian architectural styles and modern design elements. The exterior of the building was characterized by a grand entrance, sweeping arches, and intricate detailing. The use of local materials such as stone and wood added to the building's sense of place and connected it to the surrounding environment.

Additionally, large windows and skylights were strategically placed to provide natural light and ventilation while minimizing heat gain.