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National Defense Convention Center

Project Brief

Unispace Interior was tasked with designing the exterior of the National Defense Convention Center in Ethiopia. The center is a government-owned facility that hosts national and international events related to defense and security.

The client's brief called for a modern and visually striking design that would reflect the importance and significance of the events held at the center.

Schematic Design

In the schematic design phase, Unispace Interior developed a plan that included the layout and configuration of the outdoor space, the selection of materials and finishes, and the placement of key design elements.

The design was aimed at creating a dynamic and engaging space that would be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The client also requested that the design incorporate elements that would reflect Ethiopia's rich history and culture.

The Solution

Unispace Interior's solution was a contemporary and unique design that incorporated elements of Ethiopian culture and history. The design utilized locally sourced materials such as stone and wood, which were carefully selected to create a strong and durable exterior that could withstand the rigors of Ethiopia's climate.

The design also incorporated elements such as water features and greenery, which were intended to create a sense of tranquility and calmness in the space.

Concept Design

The concept behind the design was to create a space that would be both striking and reflective of Ethiopia's history and culture. The design incorporated elements such as traditional Ethiopian architecture, which was characterized by its use of curved lines and intricate carvings. The color palette was chosen to reflect the natural surroundings, with warm earthy tones used throughout.

In conclusion, Unispace Interior's design for the National Defense Convention Center in Ethiopia was a successful blend of traditional and modern elements that created a unique and visually striking exterior. The design was functional, durable, and reflective of Ethiopia's rich cultural heritage, and it successfully met the client's brief of creating a space that was both significant and visually engaging.