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Interior Design of Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Institute

Project Brief

Unispace Interior was tasked with designing the interior of the Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Institute, which would serve as a hub for innovation and education in the field of AI. Unispace is the Best Interior design company in Ethiopia. The goal was to create a dynamic and inspiring space that would facilitate collaboration, learning, and research.

Schematic Design

In the schematic design phase, Unispace Interior developed a layout that would promote the flow of ideas and facilitate interaction between different groups within the institute.

The design included open workspaces, private offices, meeting rooms, and breakout areas to cater to different types of work and learning styles.

The Solution

Unispace Interior's solution was a modern and functional design that incorporated elements of Ethiopian culture and tradition. The color palette was inspired by the vibrant textiles and art of Ethiopia, while the furniture and materials used were sourced from local suppliers.

The design also incorporated sustainable features such as energy-efficient lighting and recycled materials.

Concept Design

The concept behind the design was to create a space that would inspire creativity and innovation while also promoting a sense of community and collaboration. The design incorporated elements of nature, such as plants and natural light, to create a calming and welcoming atmosphere. The use of bold colors and patterns added a sense of vibrancy and energy to the space, reflecting the dynamic nature of the field of AI.

Overall, the design was intended to support the goals and vision of the Ethiopian Artificial Intelligence Institute, providing a space that would encourage learning, growth, and exploration.