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Project Brief

The project involved the interior design of the Addis Ababa Terrace Coffee House, a popular coffee house located in Ethiopia. The aim of the project was to create an inviting and cozy atmosphere that reflected the local culture and heritage while also providing a comfortable space for customers to enjoy their coffee and snacks.

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Schematic Design

During the schematic design phase, the Unispace Interior team worked closely with the client to understand their vision and requirements for the coffee house. They created 2D and 3D designs to present to the client, showcasing different layout options, furniture styles, and color schemes. The team also made sure to incorporate local elements and materials into the design to reflect the Ethiopian culture.

The Solution

The design solution for the coffee house included the use of warm colors, comfortable furniture, and cozy lighting. The team created different seating areas to cater to various customer preferences, including individual seats, sofas, and group tables. The design also incorporated traditional Ethiopian patterns and materials, such as woven fabrics, to enhance the local feel of the space.

Concept Design

The concept design for the Addis Ababa Terrace Coffee House focused on creating a welcoming and inviting space for customers. The team wanted to create a space that not only looked good but also felt comfortable and cozy. The concept design incorporated different design elements, such as natural materials and local patterns, to reflect the Ethiopian culture and heritage. The team also made sure to consider the functional requirements of the coffee house, such as the need for adequate lighting and comfortable seating options.

Overall, the Unispace Interior team successfully created an inviting and cozy atmosphere for the Addis Ababa Terrace Coffee House, incorporating local elements and materials to reflect the Ethiopian culture and heritage. The end result was a visually stunning and functional space that catered to the needs and preferences of the coffee house's customers.